Debunking Copyright Myths Webinar

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Here is the recording of the March 13, 2013 webinar entitled “Debunking Copyright Myths.”

Copyright myths persist in common culture. For example, did you know there is no such thing as “poor man’s copyright” where you mail yourself a copy of the work you’re trying to protect? In this webinar, we will debunk that myth and many more. Come learn from Davis McGrath LLC’s Kevin Thompson during this interactive webinar. Be prepared to ask and get answers to your own questions as well.

Kevin has over thirteen years of experience in counseling clients with regard to their copyright issues.

Topics covered include:
– 14 Copyright Myths

Davis McGrath LLC applied for 1/2 hour of Illinois MCLE credit for this webinar. To receive credit, please send your name and ARDC number to Kevin Thompson at, and when you viewed the webinar. Please also send him your questions.

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The slides can be found here – Slides – Debunking Copyright Myths

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